The “U” Value podcast

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The “U” Value podcast covers the latest trends in insulation, including all product groups and manufacturing types,  Also, you can find interviews with authors, business leaders and experts from other  relevant industries, sharing key insights, and revealing their thoughts on the insulation industry.

Most of the “U” Value Podcast episodes offered in our catalogue welcome people from every industry to share their points of view and analyse the latest news and breakthroughs as well as podcast subscribers to pose questions and have their insulation dilemmas resolved.

While some episodes of the “U” Value Podcast dive in-depth into specific topics, others strive to give a more general overview, highlighting specific companies and areas to watch and what to watch for this year.

The “U” Value Podcast has a strong focus on the human side of the people at the forefront of insulation, exploring what they are like and what they are excited or worried about in the field.

Every episode of the “U” value podcast will be transcribed and added to the following or most recent edition of Insulate Magazine.

By subscribing to the podcast, you agree to advertisements from podcast sponsors, you also agree that the content of the podcast may differ to that views of the insulation industry, the products discussed and the views expressed by guests may differ to your own personal views of the companies, products and the industry as a whole.

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