Promat responds to demand for high performance fire materials

Passive fire protection specialist Promat has launched a new fire-rated board, Vermiculux-S, to provide enhanced protection for structural steel, helping to safeguard people and high-value assets.


Vermiculux-S has been developed for the most challenging of circumstances, able to protect steel at limiting temperatures from 350°C up to 750°C.  The A1 non-combustible calcium silicate board provides up to 240 minutes of fire resistance for steel beams and columns in high-risk industrial buildings and public areas that need extended fire protection.  By reducing the speed at which steelwork heats up, Vermiculux-S prolongs the loadbearing capacity of structural steel elements, providing greater time for evacuation and for firefighters to intervene.  Its applications include structures containing valuable items and assets such as bonded warehouses, data centres, museums and plant rooms, as well public transport hubs and power stations. 

Unlike fire-retardant sprays or paints, Vermiculux-S is moisture resistant.  This means it can be installed before a building is made watertight, bringing productivity benefits for construction projects.  While it comes in a range of thicknesses, the board is typically thinner than traditional equivalents allowing designers to maximise internal space.  The lightweight material is also easy for installers to handle and can be decorated.

Designed and manufactured at Promat’s state-of-the-art innovation and technology centre in Tisselt, Belgium, Vermiculux-S offers peace of mind for specifiers and installers looking for proven fire solutions.  The material has been independently tested for structural steel protection in line with current fire testing protocols and is certified by Warringtonfire.  It has also been subjected to Promat’s rigorous product development process, with its performance measured as part of whole building systems to simulate real-world conditions and ensure the board interacts as expected with other building elements.       

Andy Mudie, Head of Product Management at Etex Building Performance, the parent company of Promat, commented: “There’s a growing demand for materials to support industrial and public facilities that have extended fire protection needs, particularly as the warehousing and data centre markets continue to expand.  With the ongoing scrutiny around fire safety and building materials, specifiers and clients are recognising the importance of using tried and tested protection systems.

“Promat and the Vermiculux brand are already well known for providing outstanding fire safety performance.  With the launch of Vermiculux-S, we can offer a fully traceable and accredited material which will live up to its promises and bring peace of mind for project teams, asset owners and building users.”

More information about Vermiculux-S can be found here:

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