National Insulation Association (NIA) announces new secretariat

The National Insulation Association (NIA) has announced that it has selected leading energy advisory firm Ecuity Consulting LLP (Ecuity) for the provision of its secretariat services. 

This new arrangement is a major milestone for both organisations: 

The National Insulation Association (NIA) represents the insulation industry in the UK and its members include manufacturers, system designers, installers and distributors of insulation solutions for homes and non-domestic premises. Both the NIA and its members are fully committed to maintaining and raising standards within the insulation industry. 

Ecuity’s growing team of policy experts based in Birmingham, West Midlands are recognised for their evidence based approach to development of public policy. Since foundation in 2012 Ecuity has worked on over 50 energy policy issues with more than 250 organisations. 

Earlier this year the Committee on Climate Change recommendation to Government on a Net Zero target for the UK highlighted that a significant roll-out of energy efficiency measures is needed in new and existing homes (around 6 million cavity and 6 million solid wall insulation measures). High energy efficiency measures installed in new homes and retrofitted to existing homes can address overheating, indoor air quality and moisture issues with financial and health benefits to those living in these homes. The opportunity is clear, yet a great deal of work needs to be undertaken to realise the benefit. 

NIA Chairman Derek Horrocks commented on the agreement: 

‘’Meeting our 2050 climate change goals will require almost complete decarbonisation of homes and businesses by 2050 – meaning that radical energy efficiency improvements are required. This is a challenge of unprecedented scale. 

The National Insulation Association and its members can and should play a leading role in ensuring that the decarbonisation of UK building stock is achieved in a manner that is high quality, cost effective and timely. A collaborative approach with member interests at its heart can help create economic opportunities, new skills and employment for the insulation sector, bringing wider benefits to society at large.’’ 

Ecuity Partner James Higgins commented: 

‘’The built environment plays a pivotal role in our lives and our economy. For anyone interested in reducing energy bills or tackling climate change, one of the most consistent themes is that energy efficiency should be the foundation upon which other efforts are built. 

The Ecuity team are delighted to have this opportunity to work closely with the NIA, providing representation for an industry that everyone in the UK needs to succeed and one that we can also be proud of. We will do so in a way consistent with our ethos of evidence-based influence, collaboration and positive, pro-active dialogue. We can’t wait to get to work!’’ 

Further information on the National Insulation Association can be found here: 

More information about Ecuity Consulting LLP can be found here: 

CCC Net Zero report can be found here: The-UKs-contribution-to-stopping-global-warming.pdf 

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