Leading Trade Magazine for Insulation Professionals Relaunches Website

We announced that we’d be launching a new mobile-friendly website… before Christmas 2018

And…..that was a huge mistake. Our fault! 

It’s very easy to underestimate the scale of A website build and to not foresee the many requirements that need careful (and long-winded) consideration, unless that is, you have enough resource within your organisation to fast track them. 

We don’t…

Anyway, that said : The new site is now live.

In redesigning the site, our top priority was to improve the reading experience, so the new site is responsive to the device you’re reading it on.

We’ve also also categorised our news columns to make news about your specific  specialism within the insulation industry easy to navigate too.

Some news will appear in multiple areas, trade association news for instance, will appear in industry news and the category for which the news is most suited i.e mineral wool, insulated panels or PIR/PUR. 

The directory is also going through a full redesign and will include micro-sites containing all of your company’s news within your company’s page – more on this to follow soon

So Much has changed both structurally and cosmetically; bigger pictures, bigger text, more white space, sharper design. 

The site has a completely new look and feel… We hope you like it.

Any and all feedback– positive or negative – appreciated.

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